jueves, 18 de octubre de 2007

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

my favorite place...

I love falcon, it's my favorite place...the beaches are very beautiful,it's a very popular place in vzla, falcon has many atracctions wich tourists can enjoy like adicora for their handicraft and village, and villa marina for their hotel at the beach.

I love keywest it's very interesting place,it's a place with a lot history... however is clean and very nice.it's a pretty place and i would to like to go again someday.

about me..

My name's patricia but everybody calls me pat, i'm 18 years old,i'm from venezuela . i study industrial relations at urbe, i live in maracaibo in la estrella, i'm tall and thin, i have
long and straight hair, and i'm brunette you can see me in the picture....i have a beautiful boyfriend he's tall,white and fit. he has short black hair and gorgeus bronw eyes i love him..

My dream is graduate from high school and some day travel around the world, and get married and star a big family
I love dancing, chocolat and my boyfriend of course...
I hate fish it tastes really bad for me
finaly about english i can say that is very important because talk is necessary I’d like to speak well someday....